WestStein Prepaid Card: Features and Benefits

Prepaid Card

Imagine a situation where you regularly make purchases on the Internet, but at the same time use your main bank account, which has a credit share, that is, “plastic” is an overdraft. So you run the risk of one day not noticing how you use bank funds and go “in the red.” To avoid such a situation, the WestStein prepaid card will help, the features and benefits of which we will consider in this article. It is our virtual card that will allow the consumer to become financially literate, learn how to spend money rationally, and feel freer and safer when making financial transactions.

Issuing a prepaid card: what should you pay attention to first of all?

This kind of Internet card is convenient because you do not need to transfer your personal data to a financial institution to receive it. It is enough to register and pass verification, and now the “plastic”, first virtual, and ten days later, real, is already in your hands. Before ordering a Mastercard prepaid card, familiarize yourself with its advantages, these include:

  1. The card is not linked to the main bank account. In addition, the issuer of the WestStein prepaid card and virtual account is an English-based financial institution, Prepaid Financial Services Limited.
  2. Independence from banking structures.
  3. Financial control. Thanks to a convenient mobile application, the cardholder will be able to regulate their spending, and will not get into debt, since there are no credit funds on such an account.
  4. Replenishment at any time and in any way. You can put money on the card using the terminal or by transferring funds from another account.
  5. Getting cash with a minimum commission. You can cash out at any time.
  6. Using a virtual card significantly reduces the risk of cyber and real fraud when paying for online purchases. In addition, the Mastercard 3D Secure system serves as additional protection.

Believe me, a virtual debit card can become real at any time and accompany you in offline stores. To do this, you just need to install the Google Pay and Apple Pay applications and link a card to them.

You can open an online settlement account right now, verification will not take much time. Manage your finances right together at WestStein.