Ways to save on Entertainment and Recreation


If you’re trying to trim your budget without having to turn into a total recluse you may be getting exasperated by the high cost of having fun. If you’re running low on cash before the end of the month you might be missing your weekends out on the town, so here are some tips on ways to save on recreation and entertainment:

Curb your impulses. While it’s great to be spontaneous, you shouldn’t let your wallet suffer. Before you swing by your favorite restaurant or pizzeria look for coupons and other discounts that will help lower the cost.

Read the fine print. Your gym membership may sound like a great deal until you find there are extra fees tacked on. Know what you’re getting before you sign up for pricey recreation and fitness memberships.

Check for deals. If you’re going to a concert or sporting event look for deals before heading to the box office. Often you can find tickets at a steep discount because someone can’t make it to the game as planned.

Find free fun. Look for free or low-cost events in your local area and take advantage of festivals, parks, and other places that are featuring events. Art shows, craft exhibitions, and kids’ shows are often free for admission so use your local calendar to save some money.

Think staycation. Make a tradition of your own by having a movie night, poker night, or other get-together with your friends or family on a regular basis. By setting up your living room for movie watching or making your backyard a grilling paradise you can entertain friends and family without much cost at all.

Plan a picnic. Invite everyone to your home or a nearby park and have each person or family bring a dish to pass as well as their own drinks. Look for a place with amenities everyone can enjoy, such as swimming, hiking, and similar activities.

By thinking outside the box and getting out of the “dinner and a movie” routine you’ll soon find yourself with more cash in hand, and probably a more active and healthy lifestyle as well!