Proxies in 2021: why are we needed and which proxies to choose for arbitration?


A proxy server is a kind of intermediary that acts between the web portal and the user.
Today, there are many areas in the network that allow you to get additional income. An attractive option is traffic arbitrage. But in order to use this option, you should buy a proxy at and go through minimal training. This will allow you to achieve unique results.

Proxy assignment

In fact, a proxy server is a kind of intermediary that acts between the web portal and the user. Using a proxy, you can change the location, IP address, or other characteristics. Using a properly selected proxy server, you can achieve the following results:

  • If a person actively cooperates with both Facebook and Google Adwords, then it is impossible to do without an appropriate proxy, because frequent execution of the same actions will lead to blocking.
  • To arbitrate traffic, you should definitely use a proxy, because only in this case you can use effective software.
  • The most important aspect that attracts many users is anonymity. After all, some activities can only be performed anonymously.

The main types of proxies IPv4 vs IPv6

Before buying a proxy server, you should decide which is more preferable IPv4 vs IPv6. Many active users point out that IPv6 is the preferred option. This is due not only to the relatively low price, but also the ability to gain access to a large number of addresses. But do not forget that not all Russian-language web portals support IPv6 proxy. Therefore, in some cases, you can choose IPv4 as well.

Features of selection and acquisition

To make a choice in favor of a particular proxy server, you should pay attention to aspects such as cost and quality level. Undoubtedly, you can save on this, but the likelihood of getting a non-unique address is high. Therefore, you should choose trusted companies for cooperation. Another important point is the definition of the goal. So, you can buy proxies for social networks, for special web resources, or for certain search engines. To choose and purchase high-quality proxy servers, you should take a responsible approach to the selection process. It is necessary to take into account many points in order to make a choice in favor of a particular proxy.