On What Basis Packers and Movers in Pune Charge


Relocation is a tough physical, mental and financial situation. To ensure that the things go well during the process of shifting people make a compromise with their hard earned money and hire the professionals for the task. Not everyone hires packers for shifting because their charges are really very high. But, when the desire of getting comfort is there then no other option would serve the purpose than packers and movers. In big cities like Pune, the charges of Packers and Movers, is pre-defined in most of the cases. As there are many Packers and Movers in Pune offering their services, spotting the cheap and best option is tough.


Charges of movers and packers in Pune, is dependent on many things. If you wish to make a local move then you will be charged according to the number of goods that you are carrying. Along with this, the type of move also depends on the charges of movers in the city. To make you understand the things well, here are the points that can help you to understand the charges distribution of movers.

Type of Move:The first norm is the type of the move. The household goods shifting in Pune will cost less than corporate shifting. So definitely the biggest decisive point on the overall charges of movers is the type of move one wishes to have with them.

Number of Goods:The second point that decides on the movers and packers charges in Pune is the number of goods one is carrying. 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, different sizes of house is charged differently. In fact, many companies have fixed their adequate rates for different home sizes. For office furniture moving and for corporate shifting also, companies have formed the same norms.

Distance of Relocation:How long the goods would be travelled is also an important factor that decides on the charges of movers and packers in Pune. If it is local shifting in Pune then definitely it will cost less as compared to a long distance moving from the city.

Taxes:Taxes are the additional but mandatory inclusions of the packers and movers charges in Pune. Greet tax, GST, service charges, are few of the taxes that one has to pay to the mover.

Additional Cost: Along with all other type of charges the movers also charge for the insurance services. A move with the professionals is safe because they provide insurance coverage to the goods. If anything happens to the goods then the insurance coverage would help in compensating for the loss.

Above-mentioned are the price break-ups of packer’s charges. Most of the moving companies charge on the same ground, hence you can find similarity in the moving quotes. But, in the meantime there are many fraud companies also that tend to lure people with extremely low estimate. Low cost temps and people get scammed. Always hire the moving company that gives the proper justification of all the money spent.

If you want to know that on what basis Movers and Packers in Pune charge then definitely the discussion mentioned above has helped you a lot on the same. When you are hiring the mover, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you have any doubt regarding their charges, you should ask this to them as well. There should not be any hidden charges, ask this in advance. Along with this, also spare some additional amount for the miscellaneous charges that may occur during the move time like extra item packing, or more packing material requirement, or additional taxes. You can make the successful moving budget only when you would be aware about the break-ups of the charges applied by movers and packers in Pune.