Little Known Facts About Pink Diamonds


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Pink-coloured diamonds are rare and when one considers the global diamond market, more than ninety per cent of the pink coloured diamonds in that segment comes from a single source – the Argyle diamond mine in Australia.

The source of pink coloured diamonds is closed now

The mine is closed as it exhausted its resources after thirty-seven years of operation. This makes pink diamonds rarer thus driving its price to never-seen-before figures.

Why are pink coloured diamonds so expensive?

The reason why people ask for exorbitant amounts of money for pink coloured diamonds is the rarity and overall aesthetic appeal of pink coloured diamonds. As mentioned earlier, Argyle mine used to supply more than ninety per cent of the world’s pink coloured diamonds but at the same time, one must remember that less than one per cent of the diamonds that came out of Argyle were pink coloured diamonds.

What is the reason behind the pink hue of pink coloured diamonds?

Researchers are still scratching their heads as they cannot figure out how Argyle mine’s diamonds got their natural pink hue.

However, researchers have been able to piece together how other natural coloured diamonds get their hue but when it comes to cracking the code of Argyle’s pink coloured diamonds, even the learned face dead ends.

On that note, one needs to keep in mind that there are plenty of theories out there that take a shot at how Argyle’s coloured diamonds get its attractive pink hue. The leading and widely accepted theory holds ‘plastic deformation’ accountable for the pink hue of Argyle’s coloured diamonds.

‘Plastic deformation’ is an umbrella term for the molecular deformation of Argyle mine’s diamonds that is the result when the diamonds were forced to rise upwards towards the earth’s crust.

The molecular alterations result in Argyle’s pink coloured diamonds to reflect the incoming light in such a way that it results in a condition where an observer views the diamond with its signature pink colour.

The market value of a pink coloured diamond is always high

Pink-coloured diamonds cost more than twenty times of the marked price of their non-coloured counterparts.

Diamond experts crunched some numbers and came out with data which enunciates that one carat of Argyle’s pink coloured diamond can easily allow one to sell the same at an excess of 100,000 USD. Again, if an investor wants to sell their piece at a private auction, the same can also fetch the owner with an excess of one million USD!

It all seems too much, right?

Well, it is not and the data holds true as long as the piece has the right shape, clarity, cut and colour.

On top of this, the price of a pink coloured diamond from Argyle can also go up or down depending on the intensity of its pink hue as well as the preferences of the people attending the auction.

Diamonds are ideal investment mediums for a plethora of reasons and when you choose natural pink coloured diamonds then you will be able to benefit from its aesthetic appeal and high reselling price all thanks to its rarity. In the end, whatever you do, be sure to invest in pink coloured diamonds that are verified and are offered by recognised sellers for the best results.