Insurance and Preventative Care for your Pet

pet Insurance

Many people consider getting pet insurance to cover the big emergencies that can happen. This is definitely a good use of pet insurance, as many dogs can develop a costly health issue, just like humans. There is more to pet insurance, however, than many people realise. Preventative care is often included in the coverage. Be sure to read the details of your policy before you head to the vet for vaccinations and an annual exam.

The Exam

Your pet’s annual exam is extremely important. This is the time when your vet checks their overall health and prescribes preventative medications for fleas and heartworms. You can also receive vaccinations at this time. Some of these are voluntary. The rabies vaccination, however, is required by law in most areas. Many refuse several vaccinations to save money on this visit. Pet insurance, however, often covers a portion of the annual expenses. These expenses are often minimal, yet the preventative care in this exam can save your pet’s life. The exam may also help to find health complications early enough to treat more effectively.


Insurance companies know that healthy pets are less likely to have major diseases. They want to encourage policyholders to engage in preventative care. The insurance company must pay out more if your pet ends up in an emergency. When you focus on keeping your dog healthy, this scenario is less likely. Preventative care is not done only to appease the insurance company. It can help your pet live a longer, happier life. Check your records or speak with a representative to better understand what is covered.


Coverage for your pet may come with some stipulations. You may not be covered completely if you do not complete the annual exam. Some companies may cover a portion of the vaccinations or they may cover the exam visit only. You do not want to find out during an emergency that you are not covered because you refused a vaccination. For example, your insurance may not cover treatment for Parvo disease if you refused a vaccination for it at your annual exam. It is imperative that you read through the entire policy and adhere to the stipulations.

Take the time to find an insurance company for your pet that covers preventative care. This is something that can help to keep your pet healthy all year long. Many vaccinations protect from deadly diseases. Insurance companies also find that it is in their best interest to cover preventative care. If a dog becomes ill, the payouts are much higher than the cost of a simple shot. Be sure to follow the rules for the insurance policy that you choose. Some coverage may be dependent on the annual vaccinations and preventative medication. Get the best care and coverage for your pet with a quality insurance policy.