Get Your Gold Bling On


Gold jewellery has always been sought after for its inherent value and timeless appeal. A statement piece of the precious metal can be paired up with any cocktail outfit to add an air of elegance to the look. Modern clique designs on gold jewellery that can be paired with more casual attire have become extremely popular in recent years. Thus, a go-to gold jewellery store which has affordable pricing as well as a great collection to choose from is what every fashionista looks for. It might be difficult to come by, but definitely not impossible to find.

Gold Bling

The high value of gold jewellery have resulted in their huge popularity around the globe. Gold was indeed an essential element in the royal jewels of monarchs throughout the world. Gold has been used to design many items such as cuff links, brooches, tiaras and even buttons as well. In recent years, the versatility of the metal has been rediscovered and designers have worked to shape gold into simpler and modern designs. Gold has been used with other precious metals like silver and platinum alongside precious and semi-precious stones to create exquisite and intricate looks. Gold and pearl jewellery sets are making appearances on the ramps of reputed fashion weeks these days. Designers are swearing by an amalgamation of traditional and modern designs to create stunning items fit for the modern fashionista’s collection. It is a great time for getting your bling on.

Here are a few ideas how you can scour your local gold jewellery store and find a few pieces to jazz up your look.

  1. Custom-make your jewellery: If you think you have an eye for design and your local gold jewellery story has reasonable making charges, then you can work with the store designers to create some unique and stunning pieces for yourself. Depending on your budget and the intricacy of the style that you are going for, you can design gold jewellery through 3d imaging and CAD’s.
  2. Look at the counter display: If your store carries a collection of second-hand jewellery, you might chance upon brilliant designs on these shelves. Get your store to polish these ornaments for you and voila, your jewellery collection will have a great new addition. You may also find some great discounted designer gold jewellery this way.
  3. Browse the internet for inspiration: If your gold jewellery store can custom make pieces for you, then the internet can be a treasure chest of design inspiration. From layered necklaces inspired by the Mughal school of art to multi-stranded necklaces popularised by Hollywood starlets, gold can be worked into wonders. You can have a look at a few designs here.

The appeal of gold jewellery is priceless. Brides in the orient have considered gold jewellery as an essential part of their trousseau for a very long time. There is no reason this oriental splendour cannot be worked into your fashionable wardrobe. Hit your local gold jewellery store today and prepare to sparkle.