3 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing From Your 20s


A getaway plan this coming weekend sounds great – especially since it is going to entice you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash in getting wasted at the bar by drinking an awful lot of booze. You really want to save, but your 20s brain is making things a bit hard for you – or so you thought – since it is apparently easier to blame your rock-bottom maturity and age while trying to get out of a ‘save money’ sermon.

However, in case you didn’t know of it yet, spending money in moderation and investing in a career, stocks or assets, have never really hurt anybody. In order to have a sense of precision about your cash flow – while you’re still sober and in your mid-20s – we would advise you to start investing right away, even if it means starting from scratch.

1) Your retirement plan looks bleak:

Sure, you’re in your mid-20s; you’d probably be using this as an excuse to escape your responsibilities and chores. However, there would be a time when you’d be 65 years old and ranting about how you could have invested and saved money while you still had a chance.

The future of social security seems bleak as well since there are fewer people who are working and contributing to the system to keep it under the charts. There is a possibility that by the time you retire, social security might run out of funds to provide for you.

2) Student loans got you bad (not back):

While student loans are supposed to get your back and help you get your aspired degree, they’re actually the ones leading you towards a crippling debt. Debts are like quicksand – you wouldn’t realize when you’re knuckles deep.

Generation Z (your generation, yes) might have a longer life expectancy and possibly live up to 90 years of age. If you don’t have enough resources to spend a carefree life after retirement, then you’d probably end up hating the advancements in medical science and technology for prolonging your life.

3) Your multiple jobs are giving you a hard time:

Well, before you’d know it, your desire for entrepreneurship or day-to-day hunting for a job will make you exhausted and perhaps, make you realize that this isn’t the lifestyle you opted for.

According to studies, an average 32-year-old manages approximately four different jobs before reaching the glory of that age and mindset. If you’re not privileged enough and were not born with a silver spoon, then not only do your life choices for the next 10 years appear bleak but so does your retirement plan.

Leading financial services futurist and wealth regulatory reformist, Ivan Illan, had started saving by investing in stocks since he was 13 years old. The bestselling author of Success as a Financial Advisor of Dummies believes in tackling consumerism and capitalism by teaching the young minds about how uncertainties in finances can pop up and lead to distress.

However, despite representing the financial industry, Ivan M Illan believes in forming a socially conscientious capitalist world that will not only be influential and inclusive, but also encouraging and impactful for maximum business growth.