Tips If You Haven’t Paid Council Tax

All councils run on the funds collected from the public by way of taxes or other charges for the facilities provided to them. Few citizens neglect these obligations and fail to pay their council taxes for which the councils issue notices apart from sending the Bailiffs to visit their houses for collection of the due payments or take other suitable actions. Non-payment of council taxes may lead to loss of right to pay the tax in installments. The citizens are advised to go through the following tips that may be useful.

Expansion of payment through monthly installments – Approach your council office and meet the concerned officials with a request to spread the payments over a period of twelve months. This will ease the problem of one-time lump sum payment that is difficult. Try to convince the officials in a gentle way, they will certainly help you after listening to your financial problems.

Council tax benefits – Few people are rendered jobless or are troubled greatly with financial crisis due to which they could not pay the council taxes. The reason if genuine may be sufficient to avail of the council tax benefits by explaining your situation to the concerned officials. They are also human beings and would help you by giving certain relaxations.

Check the tax band – Citizens are divided into certain sections in terms of their properties that fall under certain bands. It is possible that the rates mentioned in the tax bills might have been charged wrongly and the amount of the council taxes might have been mentioned in a wrong way. As such, ask the council officials to check the particular band under which you have been charged the council tax. This may prove fruitful if the mistake has been committed on the part of the council employees. Once the error has been rectified you will be able to save much money and avoid bailiff’s visit too.

Allowance / Rebate: The councils facilitate these allowances or rebates to the citizens based on their individual status. The two categories that are eligible for these relaxations are Single Persons Allowances or Second Adult Rebate. You should check if you were also eligible for these relaxations. If you were placed under any of these categories, then it is your good luck as you will be eligible for claims that will reduce your burden of paying the council taxes to great extent. The claim could be counted from back dates, if you fall under the concerned categories. You can prove your case and satisfy the council officials.

Circumstance changes – Your individual circumstances might have gone under considerable changes. Your children might have separated from your property or might have entered in it after some time. This will affect the council taxes too. You can show relevant records to the council officials who will consider the facts in the right sense and give due relaxations in your council taxes. This will save you from visit of the bailiff.

The above simple tips if followed in a positive manner will relieve the citizens to great extent if they were unable to pay their council taxes.


Tax Lawyers and Taxpayers Responsibility

Pay duty are specific sum paid by any worker who gains a month to month pay from a benefit or compensation. This measure is subject to any individual who is winning above the base compensation utmost while anyone who gains underneath this base pay is exempted and not, one or the other oblige to pay for a specific charge force by the administration. Charge attorneys are legal advisors who spend significant time in processing of pay and arrangement with each issues relating to standard interest of finding and discounts that are pertinent to distinct workers as citizen. Each citizen will need to document an ITR (wage expense form) consistently and pay a specific measure of charge pertinent to their pay section.

A duty attorney helps and aides every citizens by utilizing a legitimate strategy for expense arranging where they won’t be charged of any offense, for example, charge avoidance, or any criminal accusations. Any criminal processes that will happen against any citizen or a company, the expense attorneys will assume control over the obligation and protect their customers. Customarily, citizens unintentionally pay abundance charge than what they will need to pay as a consequence of duty error finished without anyone else’s input. In this circumstance charge attorneys can help again such customers to claim a specific discount for the overabundance charge paid by them.

Recently graduates, or recently utilized have no thoughts regarding pay duty and assessment laws; how it could help spare cash and profit from different expense excemption, discounts and different points of interest that they are qualified for. By the obligation of an assessment attorney, representatives will have the capacity to comprehend and take the chance of the different plans and arrangements for their expenses.

Senior subject are additionally qualified for some few however unique profits that are offered for senior resident no one but and can appreciate the excemption on salary charge installment. Specialists, foremen will need to pay an independently employed assessment from their customary pay charge. This are few of expense weakness for consultants and other independently employed experts.

Pay charge legal counselors complete the load of wage law issues, however it is their obligation to captivate with their citizen customers and prompt them for a skillful and presumed awareness of other’s expectations, for example, paying the measure commitment by the administration. Housewives ought to likewise comprehend and think about duty law. Thusly they’ll recognize what specific measure the compensation of their spouse will be curtailed off for a particular sum.

Families will need to watch various types of law particularly charge law. It is important to know charge law and duty attorneys ought to additionally clarify to each families the how’s and why’s about expense law. Fitting clarification will give better understanding why wage charge law exist and why we ought to be giving careful consideration to it.


Registering A Yacht In Malta Is An Easy and Fast Process With Many Tax Advantages

Although commercial yacht does not complete exemption, they do enjoy the benefit of paying 5% lower tax rate.

Mentioned below is the procedure on how to register a yacht in Malta.

How Can You Register A Yacht Under Malta Flag?

If you are a citizen of any of the European Union then you can register a yacht in Malta. To register a yacht, you will first have to set up a company and the company will then own the vehicle. Individuals are not allowed to own yachts in Malta. You will be using the Maltese company to own the yacht indirectly.

The company will be a legal entity that will have a lot of flexibility as far as its activities are concerned. The company can be involved in yacht chartering activities and that is how you will be using the yacht. Yacht is actually the cheapest way to sail in European waters and many of us therefore want to own one. It is best to hire an attorney, who will help in getting the company registered, who will be the owner of the yacht. It is not difficult to establish the company, but the right advice and guidance would be needed here.

One point to be noted here is that for all non-Maltese residents a certified copy of official document will be required. They will also have to appoint a Maltese resident, who will liaise with the Maltese authorities.

The Registration Process:

Today, Malta has the largest number of owners of ships and yachts. This is because they have kept their registration process smooth and fast. They have clear rules and laws related to registration and the registration cost is low. The mortgage system is also very clear to make using the yacht easier.

Malta is well-recognised jurisdiction that is respected the world over. The process is also well designed and if all correct documents are submitted then the process will not take more than 2-3 days. Your attorney will help in arranging the documents and follow through the process.

The first step is to get a provisional registration of the yacht in the name of your company. The documents required for the same are:

  • Declaration of ownership of the yacht
  • Application for registration of yacht in Malta
  • For all vehicles over 24 m in length, a copy of the certificate of international tonnage
  • Technical details of the yacht
  • A radio licence application.

These documents will help secure a provisional registration that will last for six months. Post this period, a full documentation will be done to get the name of the previous owner deleted from the register and a Certificate of Malta Registry will be issued in the company’s name.

The process is easy enough and by hiring the right attorney for the job, you can ensure that the documents are also in order. So, all those of you who always dreamed of owning a yacht, wait no further and get your own yacht in Malta today.

David Watson works at a popular yacht chartering and sales company. If you are looking for the cheapest way to sail in European waters, kindly contact them by visit their website.

Those of you, who have yachts registered in Malta, know of all the tax benefits that you enjoy. Not only are you exempted from income tax for all income generated from the yacht, but additionally you also enjoy exemption from VAT for any supplies, maintenance or chartered revenue generated.


Quick Guide To Singapore and Australia’s Tax System

3 Types of Taxpayers

There are essentially three different kinds of taxpayers in this country. The category you fall into will, predictably, affect how much you owe the government. Most of you won’t fall into the first category if you’re reading this article for business reasons: that’s if you’re a Singaporean already. More than likely, you’re one of the other two types of taxpayers:

  • Permanent Resident (also called an SPR: Singapore Permanent Resident): this is for the group of people who were not born in Singapore, but have established a permanent home there.
  • Foreigner: if you’re from another country, but have stayed and/or worked in Singapore for over 183 days over the course of the last year, this is the tax category you fall into.

If you fall into one of these categories, you are expected to pay taxes to the Singaporean government on any income you’ve made while inside the country. However, any money you made from outside the country is in no way taxable by the government.

Tax Structure

Like most countries, Singapore works on a progressive tax structure, though theirs is fairly straightforward and far more user-friendly than most. Once you account for personal relief deductions, your personal income tax rate will fall somewhere between 0 and 20%. We’ll include a link at the end of this article to show you exactly what your rate is for the money you make.

Any non-resident who has only been working in the country for less than 60 days is completely exempt from having to pay taxes. The only exceptions are those who work as public entertainers, directors or practicing some other profession in Singapore.

Personal Reliefs

Again, like most countries, there are personal reliefs people can claim in Singapore in order to keep themselves free of certain tax burdens. In Singapore, common examples of these reliefs cover things like:

  • Children
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Court Fees
  • CPF (Central Provident Fund) Contributions

Double Taxation

A major problem many people face when they begin doing business in Singapore—or any foreign country—is double taxation. In short, this refers to getting taxed by Singapore and the country you’re from. One way to avoid this is by checking to see if your country has an agreement with Singapore to ensure you only pay once. Otherwise, any savings you’re realizing by doing business in Singapore could be quickly erased come tax time.

For more information about how much you’ll be expected to pay in Singapore, take a look at the specific Singapore Tax Rates we mentioned earlier. This will help give you a better idea about what it will be like to do business there.

As you may have heard before, Singapore has one of the best tax rates in the world, in terms of business, individuals and investors. However, there’s still a tax system in place, meaning if you want to actually benefit from this country’s generous rates, you’re going to need to understand how it works. Here are some things to consider.