Why I Work Out

It’d be much easier just to eat sloppy and not give a shit about health and/or fitness in the first place, so why bother?

Beyond the obvious, which is taking pride in one’s appearance (ferda ladies of course ha) there is something to be said about wanting to be your best.

I have considered getting serious before in order to dabble in fitness modeling; a friend of mine’s wife has competed locally around here in various competitions. At the very least, I could have that same friend of mine snap some sick photos of me to put on Facebook (wink, wink) since he’s a pro photographer. Not quite sure if that’s the route I’d wanna take, but it’s definitely something to think about.But seriously, aside from vanity reasons, there’s something about the drive to improve one’s self, in all aspects of life. So mentally, spiritually, and physically it becomes a test with yourself about how much you can motivate yourself to work on things. That improvement can sometimes be incremental, sometimes inperceptable, but sometimes it’s night and day.

For example, anyone who’s started working out after never having lifted before or after a long layoff, has seem the dramatic results that can be achieved in a short period of time. But other times, maybe if you’re an experienced lifter who has been at it regularly for a long time, you’re not going to see the same type of results for sure.

It’s that mental drive that you have to constantly use to push yourself, with the knowledge that even if the outward appearance and changes aren’t immediately obvious, that you are in fact still effecting change within yourself, however small of a degree.

That knowledge to constantly improve is a big motivator for me, personally. It also shows up in some of the hobbies that I like, for example jiu-jitsu and MMA. It’s not about beating up someone else or any other macho reasons. Sure a lot of, if not the majority, of guys get into it for those reasons, but for me it’s about being my best and testing myself.

Conor McGregor
The Notorious one, Conor McGregor. Soon to be UFC featherweight champ, and definitely THE MAN.

And the sport of MMA is the perfect testing ground. Think about it, what other sport takes you to the primal activity of fighting? Granted MMA is still a sport governed by rules for the protection of the participants, but still, the spirit of MMA is that it’s about survival by defeating another human being. It’s raw and it’s pure.

At the end of the day, there’s a respect between opponents (usually anyways ha) but in the moment, it’s all about imposing your will upon your enemy, to beat them down into submission and raising your hand in victory, alone as an individual endeavor. Not a team game, simply the triumph of one person over another. And that’s why I love it.

To me, fitness kind of feels the same way, except you’re not fighting against another human being. Instead you’re fighting against laziness and complacency inside yourself. It’s a constant battle to defeat the weaker, lesser version of yourself – to carry on despite the temptation of taking the easier path, which is to sit around and not improve your physical well-being.

Which finally, leads me to this blog. It’s not something I thought of until now, but the name of the blog is kind of (well not kind of) making fun of the crazy ppl you see at a gym. But I guess I should say it’s not making fun of them because they’re lesser. I don’t think anyone should ever make fun of or bully others, and especially not someone who’s trying to improve themselves. Maybe they’re just starting out on the journey and isn’t where you are yet, but they should be commended for the effort. If you insult someone because they’re fat, you’re being shitty. Knock it off.

That said, treadmill fails will never not be funny 😀