What the heck is wow, Gold’s about anyways?

Fair question, and not a surprising one I guess. Long story short, it’s an inside joke between some friends and I when we were talking about the gym. Basically it refers to some of the weirdos we’d see every once in a while when going to the gym to work out. I’m sure if you’re also a member of any commercial gym, you see tons of people on a regular basis that have you shaking your head, too.

Those are the people that it refers to 🙂

Other than the admittedly confusing name, this site will mostly just be some thoughts I save in digital interwebz format, on the topic of fitness, working out, and I suppose general health matters as well. I’m not a doctor (though I did stay at a Holiday Inn once), so any information found on this site is for information purposes only and not necessarily meant to be health advice. Please consult with a health professional for actual advice. Good, now that’s out of the way…